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Green Army Men Toy Soldier Birthday Party Invitation

Monday, February 13th, 2012

The classic green army men are the greatest toy soldiers for all ages and these party invitations are a terrific recruiting tool for your party goers! As always, we like to provide an inspiration board, with our very own Green Army Men Toy Soldier Birthday Party Invitation we created for all of you planning the event to get the ideas flowing. We found the inspiration for this invitation at Kara’s Party Ideas, which of course was taken from the ever popular children’s movie, Pixar’s Toy Story and its “Bucket O Soldiers.” It’s amazing how these little green plastic toy soldiers can keep children entertained for hours of imaginative play!

The party and its decorations featured camouflage canteens found at Party City, chocolate cake grenades, heart medallion sugar cookies (referred to as Cookie Dough Bombs and Atomic Sugar Cookies) and cracker bullets. All of which had the green army men scattered all around. The possibilities are endless and naming the items are half of the fun!

Green Toy Soldier Party InvitationGreen Army Men Toy Soldier 
Invitation by The Opened Envelope; Images from Kara’s Party Ideas