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All American Sports Birthday Party Invitation

Monday, February 27th, 2012

It’s time for another party and a sports themed party is always a hit! As always, we like to provide an inspiration board, with our very own All American Sport Birthday Party Invitation we created for all of you planning the event to get the ideas flowing. We found multiple images to form a collage of ideas for a sports themed party at Kara’s Party Ideas and its exciting party finds.

With hamburger cupcakes and sugar cookie french fries you can’t help but score big with your fans. The table decor can remain simple with a white tablecloth and a striped paper liner in green to represent a field. Serve game day favorites like hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries and chips and your on your way to a day of fun and play!

All American Sports American Sports Birthday Party Invitation by The Opened Envelope; Images by Kara’s Party Ideas

Farm Animals Birthday Party Invitations

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

If you have a little animal lover or even are one yourself, these birthday party invitations were made for you! We first received an enquiry for a petting zoo invitation for a 1st birthday party and then we started to brainstorm. We had several criteria from which to work as they wanted to include a pig, horse, cow and chickens into the theme as these are the animals the kids will be able to pet at their petting zoo. If you asked us, these would have been our favorite farm animals as well! They also weren’t sure if they wanted a vibrant palette or a more vintage look. We opted for a little of both mixing subtle color and font for a more balanced look. In order to be a little more creative we wanted to add the playfulness of favorite farm animals. The little pig hanging from the birthday banner is definitely my favorite! In fact, he became the center of attention along with the birthday boy’s name, of course.

Farm Animals

Inspiration Board: Spa Birthday Party

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Spa parties are all the rage, making these party invitations a big hit for us which is why we thought we would showcase them in an inspiration board. During its creation we found an easy way to make a home-made mask from avocado and plain yogurt; party favors filled with flip flops, towels and an eye mask; a dessert table with candies and cupcakes, turned into a brunch bar for the early morning buffet! It’s really quite easy to create a spa-like atmosphere on your own with creative spa-related stations and activities to keep the kiddos pampered for quite a while. Make your own homemade spa treatments from these recipes including masks, facials, foot spa’s and bath salts.

Spa Party Bash

Clockwise from left: Girls Facial from Kara’s Party Ideas, Spa Birthday Party Invitations by The Opened Envelope, Dessert Table from Kara’s Party Ideas, Flip Flop Basket from Martha Stewart, Towel Photo by Flamingotoes, Spa Pop by No Skinny Here

Spa – Birthday Party Invitations

Friday, June 17th, 2011

A co-worker of mine requested a spa birthday party invitation for her daughter that is turning six and also wanting a sleepover. Her request was a vintage look with a more grown up feel. I have to admit, I love how these turned out! These birthday party invitations with towel, cucumber and facial masque graphics are perfect for any spa themed party or event of any age. Enjoy the SPARTY Amelia! We hope your birthday is relaxing for you and your friends :) Please remember we can customize a design specific for any event. Just give us the details and we will do the rest! Be creative. Be unique. Be you! Contact us at

Spa Birthday Party Invitation

Cherry Blossom Wedding Invitations

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Cherry Blossom wedding invitations continue to be the trend! I guess that really doesn’t make it a trend then does it?! With Spring quickly approaching, tomorrow to be exact, it is refreshing to think of blooming flowers and trees. I just can’t wait! Isabella and Brian can’t wait either as they are preparing to wed this coming September in Raleigh, North Carolina. This beautiful couple knew they wanted to incorporate cherry blossoms into their wedding and how appropriate to start with their unique wedding invitations! Mixing elegant script font with the floral graphics made these invites an instant classic. We truly had a pleasure working the two of them and wish them nothing but happiness and love to last a lifetime. Thanks for choosing The Opened Envelope!

Feel free to personalize your own menu cards, programs and more. Don’t forget we offer calligraphy for the envelopes and table cards. We wish you the best Isabella and Brian! Thanks for choosing The Opened Envelope :)